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Jews in southern Thuringia protected and haunted
A collection of local jewish chronicles
Today jews are living in many countries all over the world. In Germany they have become few. So few that here in our region between "Rennsteig" and "Rhön" none of the former jewish citizens are residentary.

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Southern Thuringia
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The pathes of life of jewish generations have been changeful and can be dated back to the 13. century. According to this fact the history of southern thueringen is not only stemped by prosperous coexistence but also by progromes, jewish displacement and absurd religious accusations. A group of regional historics found together because of the little details laid down in local chronicles especially concerning the time of anti-Semitic crulety of the national socialist regime. Their aim was to erase these white spot in the lokal history. Their results of research are now accessible for the public in the following 6 volumes.

The single chapters deal with stories of contemporary witnesses, narrations, fate of jewish families and regional events from the following places in Southern Thuringia: Suhl Heinrichs, Viernau, Schwarza, Schleusingen, Marisfeld, Themar, Römhild, Hildburghausen, Simmershausen, Gleicherwiesen, Walldorf, Dreißigacker, Meiningen, Bauerbach, Bibra, Mühlfeld, Berkach, Schmalkalden, Stadtlengsfeld, Aschenhausen, Kaltennordheim, Oepfershausen, Gehaus, Dermbach, Tiefenort, Geisa, Vacha, Völkershausen, Barchfeld, Bad Salzungen, Bad Liebenstein, Breitungen, Oberhof, Zella-Mehlis, Ilmenau, Sonneberg und Gräfenthal.

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